“Great leaders lead with love, not by force”

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About Dr Marko Saravanja

Dr Marko Saravanja, founder, and chairperson of the Regenesys Group, has lived a life of extremes, continuously pushing himself outside his comfort zone, taking risks, and exploring the unknown.

His journey from being poor as a monk and development worker to achieving financial freedom as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author has been like none other. It has provided a perspective that has touched the lives of millions of people across the world through education programmes, inspirational messages, books, and motivational talks. And it underpins his Secrets of Success book series, in which he shares insights drawn from his own life journey on how to break one’s fears to achieve greatness.

Before becoming a business leader, Marko lived an ascetic life as a monk, helping poverty-stricken communities in South Africa access education, health, and job opportunities. Realising that education was the key to transform inequities in society, he left his robes – his only possession – to become an academic at the University of the Witwatersrand. Keen to make a greater impact, he established Regenesys Business School, which provides holistic education through the development of intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical intelligence.

The architect of Education for All (EdForAll), a digital initiative aimed at providing affordable, high-quality higher education worldwide, Marko has expanded Regenesys from South Africa to India, Nigeria, and Croatia. He achieved this through the establishment of investment firm My Wealth, the recruitment company Dananda Talent, and initiatives promoting healthy living such as Healthi and RegCafé.

Croatian-born, Marko lives his beliefs by confronting his fears and changing his self-limiting beliefs. He has climbed Kilimanjaro, scuba-dived, parachuted, and travelled to 90 countries. His interests include investment, stock market trading, yoga, meditation, tennis, golf, and helicopter flying.

Marko, who has a Ph.D. in Performance Management, was a finalist in the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneurship Awards in 2009. He serves on the boards of several private and nonprofit companies. He defines his purpose in life as self-actualisation and helping people awaken their potential to achieve their dreams.

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EdForAll Initiative

Dr. Marko Saravanja, Chairman of Regenesys Business School, has published the book ‘Secrets of Success’ with a philanthropic mission: to raise study funds for the EdForAll Initiative.

EdForAll is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to making high-quality online higher education accessible and affordable worldwide.
The proceeds from the sale of this book directly support EdForAll, helping financially disadvantaged students achieve their educational goals.

The lack of affordable access to quality education is at the root of so many social ills, from poverty, unemployment, and inequality to war and disease.

We need to develop a new breed of leaders to address these problems, competent, purpose-driven, conscious leaders who can make a positive difference in their communities worldwide.


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