Make the world a better place

Fall in love with your work

Gain financial freedom

Be a giver and not a taker

Self actualisation

Be a doer

Gain wisdom

Develop business acumen

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Change your life

Take a risk

Conquer your fears

Be healthy and fit

Work hard and persevere

Serve humanity

Leave a legacy

Master the mystery of love

Dream big

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The purpose of Secrets of Success is to help individuals to achieve success. The Secrets of Success are a set of principles and values, that, when applied, lead to success.

I have applied these secrets in my own life and my dreams have become a reality.

I have been blessed with abundant wealth and success in all areas of my life: physical, financial, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. Success does not come about by accident – it is built up by good actions over a long period of time.

Actions are the result of our thoughts, therefore our thoughts are the key to success. Our thoughts determine our success or failure in life.

We are who we are because of our thoughts. What we think, we become. Thoughts rule the world. When we change our thoughts from negative to positive thoughts, we change our lives.

The purpose of Secrets of Success is to help us to change our thoughts, to plant new ideas into our minds, to change our self-limiting beliefs, to re-programme our life scripts, and to attract success into our lives. We develop only when we confront our inner weaknesses and start working hard on changing them.

However, the inward journey is the toughest journey of our lives.

The Secrets of Success will provide you with the knowledge, confidence, wisdom, insights and inspiration to set out on this most important and most challenging journey of your life – and to succeed.

It inspires me to think that you may embark on a journey of self-actualisation. Even more inspiring is the thought that, once you achieve success, you may choose the path of serving humanity.
In other words, self-actualisation and service to humanity is the purpose of our existence on planet earth.

May you awaken your potential, knowing that everything you need to succeed is within you.

Wishing you blessings on your journey,

Dr Marko Saravanja

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